Great Music

Great Music is the Tattered Cover Press' Best Selling Book

The Camiemda Ranch in Colorado  --  The Birthplace of Radio Broadcasting

Word Construction Publishing  -  366 pages

     When you sit down with this book you'll take a delightful, amusing journey into the world of radio and music.  You’ll discover the Camiemda Ranch, a magical place high in the Colorado Rockies, where Paddy Gaughan introduced radio broadcasting in the early 20th Century.  One hundred years later his great grandson teams up with one of the nation’s finest program directors and one of the country’s great promotions directors (who are madly in love with one another, but can’t seem to settle down in the same city) to establish the world’s most famous radio station.

     Great Music recounts the years leading up to this triumph, following the founders’ careers, the zany, if not crazy, radio people they meet along the way, and eventually their road trip across the country picking up their favorite deejays. 

     The story also tracks the history of the Ranch, a 5,000-acre spread that was built in the 1890’s by engineering genius Paddy Gaughan and his amazing musical wife, Carolina (another great love story).  Throughout its history, the Ranch is visited by historical figures that come away with new visions for the future (Nikola Tesla, Guglielmo Marconi, W.C. Handy, George Gershwin, Benny Goodman, and many more).

     Great Music is a fascinating look at the development of music and radio, humorous and smart, a page-turner, a great “beach read,” but ultimately, a love story from two different moments in time.

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    Reader's comments:

"The Ultimate 'Beach Read'"

"The Funniest Book I've Read in Years"

"A Fascinating Look at the History of Music and Radio"

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